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If you check out the advice from Google and other search engines, you’ll notice one thing that comes up time and again … Good Content Matters. These days, it’s very easy for all search engines to spot content that has been copied and re-written from other sites. It’s equally easy for them to spot where you’re adding value to a topic by presenting a different perspective for readers. Good content, and for ‘content’ read information, is interesting, appropriate, timely and engaging. It answers the questions a visitor has in a way that makes sense to them.

If you want people to find you online then you need to give them more ways and places to trip over you. Remember, there are only two audiences, those who already know you, and those who don’t. The information you present on your website has to appeal to both of these groups, but each will find it in a different way. The first group, those who already know you may well be a current or past customer, you may have been recommended to them by a friend or they might have picked up a business card or flyer. The second group on the other hand are flying blind, and in most cases will find your site following a search online.

The problem with searching online though, is that it’s a bit like finding a needle in the proverbial haystack. Without some good quality information pages and blog posts it will be increasingly difficult to succeed in the highly competitive environment of the web, you only have to do a quick search for your main keywords to see the level of competition that exists. For example, there are over 9 million results for the keyword ‘hysterectomy’ on Google; and I happen to know it’s a search word that’s used over 33,000 times in the UK each month. For my site to rank on the first page of Google I need to ensure it has consistently high quality information that appeals to the website visitors and answers their questions; it’s only because of this that people recommend it and other sites link to it.

Ultimately, what you write on your website must make sense to a human. Yes, keywords matter, but not as much as you may think they do; or you’ve been told they do.

If, by now your head is spinning and you not sure what to write, why don’t you let us help you out with a content writing plan. We can refresh the pages you already have, write some new ones or even write regular blog posts; whatever you think may work best for your current needs and budget.

What is a content writing plan?

As a friend of mine used to say, if you don’t know where you’re going any road will take you there; the problem with this approach though is that where you end up may not be where you want to be. Your content writing plan can be a one-off update of all the pages you have on your site. We’ll work with you to identify the people you hope to attract to the site and then craft well-written information that puts you in the best possible light.

Alternatively, you may want to add a blog to your website and we can either create a content plan you can write yourself, or we’ll do it for you with a monthly post targeting specific topics, groups and products.