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Facebook image templates

Three template images for Facebook business pages.

1. The Cover Image:

The cover image for a Facebook page is 851 x 274 pixels and is shown in landscape mode. You can include images of you, your products, your brand or logo or anything else that is pertinent which complies with the terms of service Facebook have introduced.

There is a ‘mobile safe’ area of 563 x 175 pixels which sits in the centre of the image. This means if there is something you want to make sure is consistent on all devices the majority of the images need to be centred in this area.

FB Cover Image



2. The Profile Image:

Your page also requires a Profile Image which is 168 x 168 pixels square. This can be a cut down version of your logo, an alternative version of your logo, something that reflects part of your business or even a photograph. The requirement though is that it’s square and easy to read.

FB Profile Image


3.  Test First Post Image:

There is a lot of evidence to show that posts which contain pictures and photographs get more engagement than those which don’t. One of my favourite types of post is a quotation and you can easily create an image for one. I’ve varied this theme by making a poster style image that will resonate with the target audience of the Hysterectomy Association.

FB Post Image

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