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LinkedIn Made Easy

LinkedIn Made Easy: Business social networking simplified is now in it’s 3rd Edition and is an Amazon Bestseller in the UK. It has been fully revised and updated for 2013. It includes all the latest updates to this professional network of choice.

LinkedIn Made Easy CoverNew sections include how to set objectives and put a strategy in place. New chapters show you how to use the opportunities presented by the brand new profile layout, company pages, LinkedIn Today and much more.

It’s worth bearing in mind that, although the front end look of a social network changes, the basic principles behind good online networking never do. Once you get those under your belt you can apply them time and again to different networks, different audiences and different opportunities time after time, after time.

LinkedIn Made Easy is the ideal companion for the new and veteran online networker. Whether you are a solo professional looking to forge alliances with others, the marketing director of a large multi-national conglomerate, a small business owner or a student looking for their first job; LinkedIn offers something for each of you to help you achieve your goals.

With lots of helpful information about each of the main elements of LinkedIn, a strong focus on the use of free accounts, plus a handy set of ‘Recipes for Success’ for every occasion; LinkedIn Made Easy will have you developing your personal and business strategy in record time.


  • Introduction
  • Your business strategy
  • Creating a LinkedIn Account
  • Getting Started
  • Build & Improve Your Profile
  • Creating A Connection Strategy
  • Managing Your Connections
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Promoting Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Advanced LinkedIn Profiles
  • Crafting Effective Status Updates
  • Searching LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Company Pages
  • LinkedIn Recipes for Success
  • Useful Resources

A Small Selection of the Amazon Reviews:

Although I had a LinkedIn profile prior to purchasing this book, I found this book extremely insightful with its handy tips to build and strengthen your profile. With the increasing use of social media, this book is a step by step guide to help get the best out of LinkedIn both from a personal and professional standpoint.

The perfect book for anyone wishing to use LinkedIn properly. Lots of tips on how to build the most effective profile, and also what NOT to do (which actually turns out to be quite important in some instances!). I have recommended this book to friends who I know are on LinkedIn but not using it effectively.

This book is excellent,it does what it says; it is easy to read, a great aide-memoir,you can readily find what you are looking for and it’s full of great advice! if you want to further your expertise with LinkedIn or if you are just starting out, this is the book for you. Recommended.

LinkedIn Made Easy is very useful and gives great handy tips on how to use LinkedIn more effectively. I have put it to excellent use and passed it around the office for my colleagues to read too. Well worth buying.

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