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SEO (search engine optimization) is the art of getting your website pages to appear in the organic listings of the major search engines in response to what a person is looking for. It is not an exact science for anyone other than the search engine giants themselves; to them it’s the outcome of applying their mathematical algorithms to the question someone has, and coming up with the right answer. For your website to be shown at the right time to the right person is a perfect storm waiting to happen. The combination of content (information), relevancy and authority all need to combine in a way that forces the algorithm to place your site ahead of others it could choose.

So what can we do to help you in your quest for SEO results?

We’ll fix your website problems

Perhaps the most important part of our work is making sure the site you have is structured and working with SEO in mind. Our starting point is an analysis of the site using industry standard tools and techniques to work out, and fix, what may be causing problems. Do the search engines rank you in their databases for the terms, keywords and phrases you believe matter? Are these the things people actually type into Google, Bing or Yahoo to find a supplier like you? Do you have the right information to capture the attention of the algorithm for those terms and phrases? Is your site structured in a way that supports your SEO aims? Do you have problems with the site that affect how people can use it – things like broken links matter to the user, even if they don’t matter to the search engine. With all this in mind, we’ll get you to the point of having a site that works with the search engines giants, not against them.

This can be a one-off piece of work that gets you up and running; or we can take it on with a monthly package – monitoring and fixing as we find things, improving where necessary and making changes that reflect search engine development. In both instances you’ll get a report, (once for the one-off piece of work, monthly for the package) that details what we’ve done, why and the effect our work will have.

We’ll rewrite your existing pages

Content writing is an art form in itself; too frequently we copy and paste what someone else has written, editing it slightly to make it fit, and hoping that will be enough for the search engine bots. Unfortunately, they’re a lot smarter than that and can identify copied content at 100 paces. Our job is to rewrite your existing website pages so they are unique to you, meet the needs of the people that visit your site and appeal to the search engine algorithms.